Gynecology Department

It is one of the most state of the art departments, fully equipped to cover both the diagnosis as well as the conventional and invasive treatment of gynecological conditions.

The IASO Thessalias Gynecology department covers the largest range of gynaecological issues:

• Preventive screening of gynecological conditions – counselling approach

• Assessment – treatment – monitoring of regular gynecological cases. 

• Dealing with gynecological emergencies 
• Surgical treatment of gynecological conditions.

• Gynecological surgical operations (Laparotomies –– Invasive laparoscopies – Hysteroscopies – Urinary gynecological surgery for dealing with urine incontinence –Vaginal Interventions – Oncology surgery – Colposcopy – loop – Endocrinology testing – Fertility testing – Menopause – Breast clinic.

• Post – operative monitoring.