The IASO Thessalias breast center aims at providing early diagnosis of breast cancer and treating it and immediately by conducting the following tests: Mammography, breast ultrasound, breast MRI and clinical examination by experienced physicians – specialists in breast conditions.  Highly specialized breast surgeons provide surgical treatment and rehabilitation.


Is equipped with the latest, minimal dose digital mammograph, the only one of its type in Greece.
The department’s digital mammography SCAN offers:

  • An innovative system of 25 scanning probes
  • High quality image
  • The lowest radiation dose
  • 25 megapixel resolution
  • Complete absence of technical errors and electronic noises

All digital mammograms are analyzed by the Computer Assisted Diagnosis System (CADstream analyzed) that further improves the test diagnostic potential and minimizes errors.


The measurement of bone density is a non-invasive technology used to measure bone mass.  It is recommended for post-menopausal women over 40. Moreover, the measurement can be useful for people suffering or not from osteogenesis imperfecta in order to assess the risk of fractures and assess treatment results.

At IASO Thessalias mineral bone mass is measured by a specifically-designed device with the application of Dual Energy X- Ray absorptiometry (DEXA).  This technique is the fastest method with the lowest radiation.  Test results are readily available and it is possible to compare them to previous tests results and reach conclusions on the progress of the applied treatment.