The neonatal Intensive Care Unit at IASO Thessalias, armed with the IASO Group know-how, is one of the more modern units in Greece with a total capacity of 15 beds, state of the art technology and the capability for the continuous monitoring of neonates.  There are three care levels (Ι, ΙΙ and ΙΙΙ), ordinary, intermediate and intensive  care, with an isolation room with negative pressure, an area for preparing total parenteral nutrition with Laminar Air Flow, a dairy for preparing special milks, a breastfeeding area and areas specially designed for breastfeeding and the long-term follow-up of newborns hospitalized in the neonates department.

 The Unit is fully equipped with the latest technological equipment, capable of monitoring, supporting and dealing even with the most difficult cases, full term premature neonates with extremely low body weight at birth.

 The Neonates Intensive Care Unit (MENN) has highly trained and experienced medical and nursing personnel with arithmetic standards that correspond to international requirements.

Also, it is able to cover and treat both emergencies and scheduled tests with capable, experienced and recognized scientists of other subspecialties (pediatric radiologists - ultrasound specialists, pediatric neurologists, pediatric ophthalmologists, pediatric surgeons, pediatric orthopedics, geneticists, etc,).

Total parenteral nutrition can be given to all neonates, where necessary, as is the systemic measurement of the levels of administered medication. Furthermore, via the Kangaroo method that we have been implementing systematically we try to convey optimistic messages and strongly urge mothers to continue breastfeeding their children.

It has advanced technology equipment (such as HFO, NO, SiPAP, nCPAP ventilators) monitors with central stations, oximeters, pumps for parenteral fluid administration,  syringe pumps for drug administration, syringe pumps for administering blood derivatives as well as state of the art ultrasound equipment.

 The know-how, the experience, the personnel’s direct hands-on communication, the scientific support and the immediate treatment of hospitalized neonates alongside the provision of information, encouragement and support to parents are the foundations that ensure a better outcome for the hospitalized neonates at the IASO Thessalias Clinic Neonate Department.