IASO Thessalias, the largest Private Obstetrics Clinic in Thessaly and Central Greece aims at delivering high quality services to women.  It ensures an ideal environment for the expectant mother to prepare for the arrival of her baby.

We have created a space where the expectant mother is taken care of with particular attention and responsibility throughout all the stages of pregnancy and labor as is the newborn from the first hours of its life.  We have fully trained scientific and nursing personnel and provide the latest medical care, combining scientific developments and technology with a human face.

At IASO Thessalias we hold the most up-to-date views on the care of women and newborn babies.  Mothers in all hospital rooms can, if they wish, room-in with their babies and become familiar with breastfeeding under the guidance of a midwife. Rooming-in helps build the relationship between mother and child from the first moments of life via the uninterrupted contact between mother and baby.

Top Neonatologists –Pediatricians ensure the systematic monitoring of the neonate immediately after birth via diagnostic and laboratory tests, daily updating the mother and providing counselling for the first days of life with her baby.