The Medically Assisted Reproduction Unit at IASO Thessalias operates in conformity with the highest standards implemented by corresponding clinics in Europe and the USA. The team staffing the Medically Assisted Reproduction Clinic consists of the most specialized gynecologists and embryologists with a long professional presence, based on the high success rate in the area of medically assisted reproduction.  The Unit’s laboratory is equipped with the latest technological means so that alongside the implementation of innovative techniques it can achieve excellent results.




The services offered by the Clinic include:
- Semen processing/examination
-Sperm diagram
- DNA fragmentation- HALO test.
- Semen activation for artificial insemination.
- Blastocyst transfer
- Ova cryopreservation.
- Embryo cryopreservation.
- Semen cryopreservation.
- In Vitro Fertilization:
- IVF (conventional).
- ICSI (IVF via micro - IVF).
-TESE (IVF with testicular sperm extraction).
-FNA (IVF via sperm aspiration from the epidydimis). The above take place either during a natural cycle or following ovarian stimulation.